Dear Muriel

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?  The world would split open.”

                                                                    Muriel Rukeyser


                                                Dear Muriel,  


One woman has told her life many times.

Told it many times.

And the world did not split open.

CNN did not report a global rift.

There was no interruption of the “Wheel”

and no “finger lickin’” family members chatting about the repatriation

of women refugees from Syria

The telling is not the chisel.

It’s the hearing that splits the world,

releasing molten rock that forms a habitable terrain.

Linda Macaione

Linda Macaione is a retired teacher and published for the first time by Ariel Chart. 


  1. Another in depth wry comment Linda. Always appreciate
    the incisive graphic as well. Love reading your stuff!

  2. Your choice of chisel chillingly correct!

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