Turning Thorns

Turning Thorns

Thorns that scratch

And thorns that tear,

Thorns impaling,

Thorns so dear!

Thorns go up and up,

More thorns

Till they turn

Into a ...rose!!

Cristina Victoria Bordianu

Cristina Victoria Bordianu was born in Romania, Hunedoara county, in the mining town of Petrosani where she spent her childhood and adolescence. The beauty of the region, the sense of a multicultural community and the solid education imprinted her memories of that time. After graduating from Mathematics and Computers Highschool, she left the hometown to continue her education in the capital city of Romania where she studied economy and management at the Academy of Economics and foreign languages at the University of Bucharest, Foreign Languages Faculty. She worked as a translator and teacher of English for the Ministry of National Defence. At present she is coordinating the Online Language Programs for the Romanian Armed Forces. "Balkan Propaganda Wars" and " Brief Romanian Military History" are two of the books she has translated into English. Writing short poetry and stories for children and gardening are hobbies that always bring joy and excitement

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