Snotty Shenanigans in the John


Snotty Shenanigans in the John


can't be friends

with addicts

and idiots


are reliable


are honorable


are sensible

to fully


their livers

are leather


to write

their miserable

stories upon.


read this book


and threw it

in the trash

along with 

the torn linen,

damaged lineage

and unfiltered 

dumb laugh lines


as writing.

Jonnie Snotty Shenanigan 

Jonnie Snotty Shenanigan is a relatively recent drunkard with a grudge against fake writers who drink more than they walk, who cry more than any male should and who can't lose weight because they are always on vacation spoking pot and trying to sound Buddhist and pseudo-socialist. Any resemblance to writers you might know is purely unintentional. There is no way degenerates like this whose writing is a form of birth control, who constantly harass women and pretend they are humorous can actually exist. No way.  My publishing credits are Big Irish Belly, Colored Shot Glass, Chapbooks Are Firewood, Fallen Down Drunks (With Pride),  I Beat My Assistant & Other Tails, Enemy Mirror, GED Brain,  Masculinity Maybe, Middle Name Rehab, and Self Esteem Void and Stoned Ranger & Toronto.


  1. Sometimes they need to be called as they are seen.

  2. know the type. abuse alcohol, women and the arts. probably live with their mothers and grandmothers and peddle disrespect to all.

  3. one of the them writes about alcohol all day while the other will put you asleep with his boring antics. as always Ariel Chart has the guts to lay it all out there. There are others I hope they come forward too. Big Hi to Gee.

  4. the editors here are good people trying to serve Art but these basement dwellers are intolerable. get into an alcohol and diet program and fix yourselves before attempting to ridicule others. the kid in the mix is being led astray and requires a spanking and soap in the mouth. Dirty words might attract guys but not going to impress the girls.

  5. in holland we mock these willful misfits who prey on women and people of color like wicked wolves. we have decent people at our bars. the hateful stay home and drink because they are in good company with the mirror. good job outing such low lifes.

  6. Rev Reginald Lee JamesonAugust 8, 2021 at 4:54 PM

    wish it did not have to come to this version of name calling. yet i understand the enemies of sobriety using hate people of color too. we cannot hate back but pray for their souls.

  7. expect this behavior from americans but from a canadian it is truly unseemly. Respect your homeland if you cannot respect yourself.

    1. ms. rahman thank you for the support. i must remind you that singling out an entire nation for a certain behavior is a form of bigotry. that person's horrendous behavior towards himself and others is a reflection of his poor character and no slight on Canada. Please keep this in mind before trashing my homeland, America. MAR

  8. writing will survive these three stodges but i am surprised how many do not mind screaming out social justice on the internet but welcome being harassed and published by such scum. some of us enough people like this. time we own up to it.

  9. real men never act in this manner by belittling women with raunchy supposed humor. yet a few flock to these dunces like vultures to a dead deer. you women give these dickless wonders the license to abuse others. Wake up and find your self respect.

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