The Tiger Who Ate Me


The Tiger Who Ate Me

In a remembered dream from a mostly forgotten childhood,

I run
   in panicked circuits
     around the darkened house
 a tiger chasing me
   and even though I know
      the tiger has eaten
       everyone else in the house
 I think I can escape until

   I sit on the floor at the tiger’s mercy

  while it gently removes my shoe

  and begins eating me from the ground up


It is the only dream from childhood I remember

Before life began eating me


A little at a time
   a foot first
A little at a time


Until only the thought of me
remained in secret silence


How is it, then,

That I vanquished the tiger?

How is it that

any of my soul remained?


How did I make my return journey,
reclaim the tender knowledge of worth,
of acceptance,
of me?


I am the tiger

Mary Beth Watt


Mary Beth Watt left the Silicon Valley experience for a home in Ashland Oregon, where she is a fangirl of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival as well as an amateur actor on lesser stages. Her poems have appeared on Your Daily Poem, The Autumn Sound Review, Soul-Lit, and in The Oregon Poetry Association's special journal, Pandemic.


  1. prefer a little art in my poetry, yes indeed. welcome more.

  2. This poem was such a delight to read, several times.

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