A Different Tide



A Different Tide


I’ve walked this strand before
A thousand times
  though never alone

Always before, it seemed the sand supported me
     and the bluffs shielded me from another sky

Now waves that I have listened to
A thousand times
  speak in a new tongue I cannot understand

Driftwood taunts me with its approach
  only to recede with tide’s ebb

I look down
A sand dollar at my feet
  promises its riches

I pick it up and throw it to the waves



Mary Beth Watt


Mary Beth Watt left the Silicon Valley experience for a home in Ashland Oregon, where she is a fangirl of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival as well as an amateur actor on lesser stages. Her poems have appeared on Your Daily Poem, The Autumn Sound Review, Soul-Lit, and in The Oregon Poetry Association's special journal, Pandemic.


  1. ...the simplier lines usually are the most cutting..

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