When I'm good and ready

when my mind is clear and

my hands are steady

I can chart a course,

until then

the doldrums become the page

and there is calmness in the pen


and it's all very well saying that

praying could help me, won't

somebody save me from

the seventh day



when you're yawning away like a good un

and the North star flies past like a pigeon

any excuse that you make sounds quite wooden

it's time to go to bed.


John Smallshaw

Creative writing facilitator at .The House of St Barnabas, writer of poetry and narrator for 'Lunch Break', a play by Brian Beaton, Participant at the BBC Edinburgh Fringe Festival, currently rehearsing my role in 'Swedish' another play by Mr Beaton.




  1. fortitude is missing in society. thank God it can still be found in poetry.

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