Two Ghosts Go Marching

Two Ghosts Go Marching 

Two ghosts go marching through our sleeping bones. 

They know our veins.  

Their songs are sung 

Between our kissing teeth. 

Life of Life to life. Breath to breath. Wish to Wish. 

We danced a ghost dance on the lawn. 

Two lovers kissed; the day danced on. 

Across the moon at night, we skipped above the dawn. 

I bled bare rhythms and you sang the words. 

The moon, that virgin watcher, smiled before it died. 

One was two, but two could not be one. 

This life’s equation cast against the sky. 

Memory from memory. A song and now a sigh. 

Your father dead, mine who died, but still lived on.

You cried, but in your tears some laughter rose. 

Your life, a dance, mingled with my abstract song. 

We looked across each other’s ghost. 

We knew each other’s bones. 

Our blood ran vein to vein,  

Our tears rained salt to stone. 

Steven Lebow

Steven Lebow is a Rabbi of a Jewish congregation in Marietta, Georgia (USA). His fiction has been published on line and in print in Aphelion, Infernal Ink, Literally Stories, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Flash Fiction, The Airgonaut, Penny Shorts, Down in the Dirt, and The Scarlet Review.

"Two ghosts go marching" is the very first poem that he has written.


  1. Slick pic. Solid write with an old school feel.

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