Ash Purgatory

Ash Purgatory

high above the fumes

in the membranes of the stratosphere

evening thickens into night.

in the snow globe of ash below

through the rat-a-tat of guns

shadows flounder in ravines of fire.

you have heard them wailing -

legions of preying spirits

wire of voices spooling.

now you know why I watch

through the slats with shell-shocked eyes

for at twilight they come back,

caught in the purgatory

of carbon cumulonimbus

to be flayed without mercy again.

 Oormila Vijaykrishnan Prahlad

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad is a Sydney based artist, poet, and pianist. She holds a Masters in English. Oormila has exhibited her art and accompanying poetry in Kuwait, India, Singapore, and Australia. She is a member of Sydney’s North Shore Poetry Project and Authora Australis. Her recent works have been published in Red Eft Review, Glass Poetry Journal’s Poets Resist, Eunoia Review, Underwood Press’ Rue Scribe, The Maier Museum of Art’s Journal of Ekphrastic, Plum Tree Tavern and The Rye Whiskey Review. She has poems forthcoming in the Rat’s Ass Review. Oormila regularly performs her poetry and exhibits her art at shows in Sydney.

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