Like Breath

Like Breath

The slant of his handwriting

as familiar as the feel of an old letter,

his notes in the margin

like bars of a song,

the heart of the message,

words yet spoken.

Dawn rises over half-open eyes

and her chest is aching,

holding back longings.

She takes up pen to write

letters with no known address,

props them in the book he gave.

Around her, day breaks gently

like his breath in her ear.

Mary Anna Kruch

Mary Anna Kruch is a career educator and writer, inspired by the human condition and the natural world. Her first poetry collection, We Draw Breath from the Same Sky, was published in July. Recent poetry appears in Trinity Review, Portage Magazine, Credo Espoir, The Mark Literary Review, Wayne Literary Review,The Remembered Arts Journal, and an anthology, After: Stories About Loss & What Comes Next

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