On a dank blue eve

Of a summer past

My eye reflected

Luminosities from

The fireflies

A host of passing candles

Insect fairies –

Authentic and true

Ascending on high

To make dreams a reality

For them

For us also

And time innumerable, perpetual

Leading on to

Sparkling felicity

Above the stars

Beyond the ladder

And fallen tower

Past the refractive lunar body

Into the deepness

Which is a myriad

Of mysteries

Of answers yet unattained

Lamps of an elder era

Marking the time of night

Signaling the climatic encounter

Spheres of burning helium

In the cold extent of space

Solar globules of gas

Making up patterns

These floating gems

Forming the lighted spangles

Of scarlet, of gold

In the jewel-studded, stellar skies

No atmosphere binding

No gravity claiming

No net there 'neath

The haze of epiphany, epitome

Only a submersion

Into the void...

But lo!

What a comfort to me

Are they

Those winged damsels of the night

Who shine their brightness

For my guide

And my delight

John Tuttle

I'm a creative writer and photographer, having had my writing featured by Inlandia: A Literary Journal, Written Tales, Lit Up, Soft Cartel, and elsewhere. I also have poetry being featured in an upcoming print edition of Scarlet Leaf Review. My fine art photography has been featured in print - by The William and Mary Review - and online by digital journals such as Blue Marble Review, The Manhattanville Review, The formercactus, and OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. I'm also a newsletter editor for the London Literary Review.

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