Below the Surface

Below the Surface 

In the blistering silence,


thirsty for gems,

they burrow an uncertain future.

The unrest of the seekers disappears


the opalescence of the uncovered stone.

They keep looking

- one is not enough.

To fulfill their dreams of wealth,

they settle in the underground

Coober Pedy.


in the desert,

it is better to live below the surface

– the lower the cooler


- the deeper the closer to the stone prize.

They burrow more corridors of hope

to say

I have everything. The world can be mine.

Worse, when at the decline of life

they understand that

- no loot

will resurrect lost time.

Translated from the Polish by Artur Komoter

Eliza Segiet

Eliza Segiet graduated with a Master's Degree in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Arts and Literature at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Lodz. Author's works can be found in Ariel Chart and other literary magazines worldwide.

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