There lives a weeper

in each of us-

a silent mourner honoring our despair,

when our willingness slain by helplessness

continues to resurrect to be slaughtered again

After eating three times a day

My sentience wonders - what should I do with the rest of my food?

Aren’t these nutrients craved by the starved world around me

engulfed with poverty’s hunger?

After sending out two drops of tears, I embrace pause

I still wonder- what am I going to do with the rest of my teardrops?

Aren’t those wasted water droplets

soaked by my body’s salt contaminated sorrow?


Munia Khan

Munia Khan was born on a spring night of 15th March in the year 1981. Most of her works are poems of different genres, short stories and articles. She is the author of three poetry collections : 'Beyond The Vernal Mind' (USA, September 6th, 2012), 'To Evince The Blue' (USA, October 29th, 2014),and 'Versified' (Tel Aviv, Israel, October 25th, 2016) and also her ever first inspirational book is called ‘Attainable’ ( USA, June 2nd, 2020) Her works have been translated into various languages: Japanese, Romanian, Urdu, Italian, Dutch, Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Albanian, Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Bengali and in Irish language. Her poetry has been published in Brave Voices Poetry Journal, October Hill Magazine, Tuck and many others.

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