How Cowgirl K Poisoned the Midwest

How Cowgirl K Poisoned the Midwest

slimy serpents out of the plains 

jealous copy cats fake manes

ugly felt hats moonshine stains

fellating a flask all that remains

a midwest moron eyes glazed

because the boss can only pay

others to write, edit, arrange

a counterfeit effort in his name

now others recruited in this game

to soil their souls willing slaves

supposedly for art but not the same

this fool will flat leave you for fame

no honor, no nurture, no shame

only sad mirrors sure to betray

four seekers of folly feet of clay

you deserve a wretched fate.

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and host of the literary podcast "Strength To Be Human."


  1. Desperate people do desperate things. Too bad. This is supposed to be Art; not High School.

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