Drowning in the Mud of Fakezines

Drowning in the Mud of Fakezines

We have gone from fake news to fake zines in less than year. 

What are fake zines, you ask?

Fake zines are mercenary projects (strictly vanity-driven) that temporarily elevate a person who can not or will not edit, arrange, make decisions or choose respectable artwork, but would rather hire individuals to scotch tape the contraption together using paypal and the promise of publication. 

You will be asked to contribute and find out later they cannot even afford to send you a free contributor’s copy. Mainly because they spend their money on guns-for-hire who couldn’t get their own projects off the ground but are happy to grab some dough at your expense.

What are some of the signs to watch for?

Sign 1: horrible artwork (example: I saw one that looked like an old man swallowing a bottle)

Sign 2: dopey press name. The dumber the name, the faster you should run the other way.

Sign 3: staff wear unhip sunglasses. (I say if you are proud, please show your faces.)

Sign 4: no idea when the issue will be released or if you are going to get a free copy.

Sign 5: you are on some moronic mailing list for every pot-filled product on the market.

Sign 6: staff changes faster than you change your undergarments.

Sign 7: the so-called editor in chief doesn’t have a creative thought in his/her cranium.

If you decide not to take my humble advice, this is the last sign:

Sign 8: Your cat throws the fakezine out of its catbox because its poop is worth more.

Keep submitting your work. Keep the faith. But don’t take shortcuts with losers who like the bright lights but actually hate you. Writers deserve respect but that comes from earning it and not allowing posers, punks, and peabrains from ruining the artistic experience to gain titles and some of your money. Do it right and you will be rewarded with something these folks cannot buy: 


May God Bless the Writer in 2020.

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright, author of numerous titles and host of the literary podcast "Strength To Be Human."  https://strengthtobehuman.podbean.com


  1. about time someone spoke about this disturbing trend. Hint -- if editor is wearing a cowboy hat you are in deep doo-doo.

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