Out of the Past

Out of the Past

You feel each day as walking death --

with faded eyes and shallow breath.

The memories of hope gone bad --

and lips you’ve kissed grown old and sad

have crossed your softest moods with pain --

and washed your smiles in tears like rain.

The only gentleness you keep --

still sighing near the heart of sleep;

your conscience loose from all you’ve fled --

it floats so painlessly ahead.

With every lonely dream of light --

a graceful glow throughout the night

and the ease of breath you used to feel --

when fantasies of love seemed real. 


Mitchel Montagna

Mitchel Montagna is a corporate communications writer for a professional services firm. He has also worked as a radio news reporter and special education teacher. Fiction and poetry publications include Amarillo Bay, Yellow Mama, Down in the Dirt, Leaves of Ink, Adelaide, White Liquor Journal, and Penwood Review. He is married and lives in New Jersey.

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