A Complicated Extraction

A Complicated Extraction

Fish-mouthed, puss-kissed, the fanged
monster drains serpent’s tooth
purulence into blood boils of pain.

Some parts we abandon, unkind absences
we exit drooling gratitude for
“a slow steady pressure with controlled force.”

Exodontia, goddess of misery assuaged,
we go about our clotted lives wondering
what it will mean to be buried everywhere.

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor writes for humor and other things and has published two books and three chapbooks. His poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies internationally, including Amsterdam Quarterly, Anatomy & Etymology, Aperçus Literary Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, The Copperfield Review, Descant, Eunoia Review, Grain, The Linnet's Wings, Pirene’s Fountain, Poetry Australia, StepAway Magazine, and Tipton Poetry Journal. He has worked as a printer and bookbinder, medical publisher and institute director and lives in Aurora, Canada.


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