A Five-Point Argument for Fictitious Boyfriends

A Five-Point Argument for Fictitious Boyfriends

Just strike a flint to sparks.
And watch it set bushfire wild.

A gaze that lingered too long or 
a chanced coffee spill or 
a chuckle between only us...


Blue flames burn hotter than red.
I want you to remember 
that inherent tristesse.

Because here’s the rub:
I can only love you 

1. In passing, there is hope.
A fantasy complete 
with French toast castles 
and church bells chiming. 

2. I can’t know you for you.
Because I probably 
wouldn’t like you. 

3. Let me imagine you,
And I promise to do so most

4. Knowing only leads to 

5. I can snuff out your fire
as I please. 
All I have to do is 
think of how you said,
“The crescent moon holds
a bowlful of stars,”
to know for sure that 
I’ve been you before.

Tina Privitera-Reynolds

Tina Privitera-Reynolds is a young, emerging writer, so please be patient. She has had poems published on SpillWords with more publications upcoming, hopefully one in Ariel Chart (fingers crossed). As a beginner in the daunting world of online publication, she is happy to receive any feedback and helpful tips and tricks. She is especially receptive to criticism, no matter how harsh. Her biggest goal is to improve.

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