The Roads Well-Traveled

The Roads Well-Traveled

others have broken the road;

I'll just walk it. the way out west

overgrown with dandruff,


and the kinds of trees

you look at out of windows

when you've gone somewhere

a long way off.

someone is hiking the mountains now,

paused by a stream somewhere

or watching hawks

as they scatter at sparrows,

but I prefer towns, big ones,

where there are so many

people to talk to

that it's easier to be

on your own. carpeted bars

and lights in imitation gaslamp.

women with their hair curled

or straight as fashion dictates.

I wonder

as my fingers take their walk

which path I will take next

and how many


who look

more or less like I do,

nightly traveling,

sitting at keyboards,

have taken it already.

Diarmuid ó Maolalaí

A little about myself; I'm a graduate of English Literature from Trinity College in Dublin and recently returned there after four years abroad in the UK and Canada. I have been writing poetry and short fiction for the past five or six years with some success. My writing has appeared in such publications as 4'33', Strange Bounce and Bong is Bard, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Out of Ours, The Eunoia Review, Kerouac's Dog, More Said Than Done, Star Tips, Myths Magazine, Ariadne's Thread, The Belleville Park Pages, Killing the Angel and Unrorean Broadsheet, by whom I was twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize. I have also had my work published in two collections; 'Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden' and 'Sad Havoc Among the Birds'

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