Book Review of Why by PJ Dodge

Book Review: A Sensitive Salute to the American Veteran 


PJ Dodge

Page Publishing, Inc.

The importance of positive and realistic portraits of military veterans in our literature cannot be outlined enough in a modern day of apathy and post-stress stereotypes. Not a day passes without a news story or television show depicting the “crazed” veteran seeking vengeance on a cruel world.

Hollywood, the worse purveyor of this warped description, should take heed of Dodge’s honest and hear breaking homage to military veterans often sidelined if not forgotten by a society that pays mere lip service to patriotism and still treats the flag no different than a dish rag.

“Why” is a needed book exploring the lives of the disrupted, damaged but dignified veterans struggling to make it back home to resume a functional life. One has to wonder what is the greater heroism — surviving battles of bullets and bombs or surviving a society blind to respect and deaf to the call of something greater than themselves?

Read this book and start deciding for yourself.

Mark Antony Rossi

Writer / USAF Veteran

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