Dual Dream

Dual Dream

He breathed in cherry flavored air

looking at the demolition site

Though once his home, this night

was just remains of rocking chairs

The highlands earthquake was due

but none knew its time or place

and he stared now in its face

under the weight of kangaroos

‘Help me’ he cried as boulders rolled

into the walls and crashing glass

no longer dubbed as middle class

seeks comfort with an ugly troll

‘I’d like a roll of paper towels

and a side order of cat litter please’

he thinks he hears somebody wheeze

but it’s the hooting’s of an owl

He sees Santa’s boat out in the sea

and glows a silly smile from inside

Slices of cake float freely by

Spirits hop around us and we

begin to realize the dream

though both of us are in it

and hope that in a minute

one will scare and start to scream

The kangaroo will walk away

the house come back together

the troll will die from weather

and we’ll wake to face the day

Rachel Dyar McKenzie

Rachel Dyar McKenzie has long been a writer and poet in secret only. Her first published poem is forthcoming in Your Daily Poem. She enjoys her 1911 home in Birmingham, AL with her husband Mike, and cat Wikileak (because she talks too much). 

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