Life Again

Life Again

We are stamping in snow, 

shouting at chilly air

amid scant remaining

patches of green.

I’m living life all over again 

with my little boy—

as he lays himself in the snow,

belly-down like a puppy

or contented sphinx. 

He hides behind trees, 

laughs and throws snow.

Now he catches snow with his tongue,

tells me with his eyes 

how excited he is. 

The glass door of the house winks at us.

Vapor streams above in a trail.

The neighbor’s crow speaks to us

and a puff of chimney smoke announces

the encroaching end to yet another day

in this new season 

on earth.

Heather Sager

Heather Sager is an author of poetry and short fiction. Her recent writing appears in Mantis, Alba: A Journal of Short Poetry, Nightingale & Sparrow, Sweet Tree Review, Little Patuxent Review, The Cabinet of Heed, Umbrella Factory Magazine, The Brasilia Review, New World Writing, and CircleShow. Heather grew up in rural Minnesota and lives in Illinois.


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