Waiting for the Biopsy Results

Waiting for the Biopsy Results

Eventually, the body

gives out…

We all realize this

when mortality is explained

to us as children…

The day of our birth is

a beginning of our death sentence…

Is it morbid to drive

past graveyards during

the weekend?

Knowing that I might be

joining them…

Sooner than later.

I guess every writer

worth his weight in

Spam has commented

about the end sometime during

his or her jottings…

The fear of what lies beyond…

Well, the old saying—it is

what it is rings true once in a while…

I will be finding out.

Soon enough.


Dan Provost

Dan Provost's poetry has been published throughout the small press for a number of years.  Some recent publications include: Poetical Review, Merak Magazine, Oddball Magazine, Deuce Coupe, Misfit Magazine, the Rye Whiskey Review and the Dope Fiend Daily.  He has two books coming out in 2020.  Under the Influence of Nothingness by Kung Fu Treachery Press and Rattle of a Realizer, published by Whiskey City Press.  He lives in Berlin, New Hampshire with his wife Laura and dog Bella.

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