Battle at Sea

Battle at Sea

The outline of him on the beach.

Behind him,

the waves like the arms

of a drowning man.

He doesn’t notice.

The only arms that will reach him

are hers,

as she turns around

and curves into him.

The white caps are rising higher,

a looming force,

slamming into the rocks

around them.

It’s no use.

Their forms are now

connected in a kiss.

The waves retreat.

It will only be

a matter of time


Julie Valin

Julie Valin has been writing poetry since the first Loverboy album came out. Her poems have appeared in The Black Shamrock, The Poeming Pigeon, Chiron Review, Red Fez, Rattlesnake Review, Primal Urge, and several anthologies & collections, including the Punk Rock Chapbook series by Epic Rites Press. She is also an editor, book designer and self-publishing consultant for her business Self to Shelf Publishing Services, and a co-founder of the celebrated after-hours poetry press, Six Ft. Swells. She surrounds herself with books, literary happenings, art, throw pillows, saltwater taffy, and her group of friends whom she performs with – The Poetry Crashers.


  1. Metaphor is a lost art in the world of writing. Fine job.

  2. I love this poem so much. I can say, that I grew up near the sea, that's why it became a part of me. Also, the picture is very beautiful.

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