Blood Moon

Blood Moon

My blood was the moon becoming woman then—

scalding a pooled hour in the night

slipping off the mattress with the sun at daybreak

uncovered dawn, un-ripened turn, strip of universe

I was young, sand and bone, reversed—

brief lakes and fire, gemstone’s trace

jagged in velvet by flutters, starts,

instinct’s flinch—early to love that silvered face

Blazing fix, you were the lens holding me there

in a circling tide, in the howling phase

Yvonne Morris

Yvonne Morris is the author of Mother was a Sweater Girl (The Heartland Review Press, 2016). Her poetry has been published in a variety of journals, including The Lake, The Galway Review, and The Bengaluru Review. In 2019, she was featured as a Poet of the Week on The Poetry Super Highway website. She teaches and tutors at a community college.


  1. A fruitful entry in the art category of poetic power.

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