He Likes French Crayon Crap

He Likes French Crayon Crap

In Vegas he wears an old golf cap

It protects him from getting mouth clap

Like his cowboy lover no talent trap

Who has problems with spit and spat

And is deemed a reckless rude rat

Buying brainless help with dollars stacked

And befriending hamey artists hacks

Drawing fake French crayon crap

Put him on an iceberg he needs a nap.

Dieter Hammond

Dieter Hammond is a Canadian writer with work forthcoming in Pole Vaulter, Pennyfoolish and Punks Must Dye.


  1. Does this refer to the horrible artist who does free covers and they are worth what he charges? God save us from the paint smudgers and stick figures.

  2. Reminds me of those who push out the first thoughts of their disorganized minds and expect us to call them artists. Art takes time.

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