Twenty Three

Twenty Three

Far from my desires you lie hidden,
so far that like dawn,

even the smallest ones
rise before you
only as regrets.

One thought
I tried to transmute into word
dissipates into uncertainty
and returns lonely
without you ever having heard it
or even having learned
of its existence.

Nothing that my hands create
comes from you
not even your palms
are conscious of the simultaneity
of my distance
and my proximity.

I exist
merely as a piece of reality
in the world you walk
between the two pages
of my life.

Translated from Bosnian by Jana Begovic

Adis Ahmethodzic

Adis Ahmethodzic was born in the town of Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He completed high school in Sarajevo, as well as under-graduate and graduate studies at the School of Electrical Engineering. His first collection of poetry, “Sarajevan John Doe” was published in 2019 in Sarajevo. He is a columnist for several portals and magazines in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. He lives and works in Sarajevo.


  1. Amazing ����

  2. Brilliance is never lost in translation. This publication only grows with diverse voices.

  3. Wow! It is like the summary of all experience the author had and you were able to capture all of it in such short words. Hope to see more like this.

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