She is an open road and a passport wrinkled with stamps.

A guitar without strings on the back car seat,
An ice cube in the bosom
A beach, a sea gull in the wind and Côte d'Azur .

She is a cloud shrouding the sun.
And the sun itself, and the sky and laughter in the distance.

She is the adrenaline in the heart chambers,
She is the accelerator pedal.
A sharp bend in the road and its armored shoulder.

She is a fistful of sand on the street
A gossamer layer of dew in the seaside dawn
A moment of incaution, skidding wheels and
Skipped heartbeats.

She is a totality
Shards of glass and an abyss on the other side.

She is an air cushion, a life vest.
And an invisible net in which I am ensnared
One second before entropy.

She is a broken rib and a trail of blood dripping from the arcade.
She is fear, she is death.
She is the ineffable din of life.


Translated from Bosian by Jana Begovic,

Adis Ahmethodzic

Adis Ahmethodzic was born in the town of Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He completed high school in Sarajevo, as well as under-graduate and graduate studies at the School of Electrical Engineering. His first collection of poetry, “Sarajevan John Doe” was published in 2019 in Sarajevo. He is a columnist for several portals and magazines in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. He lives and works in Sarajevo.


  1. A manly poem without getting too macho. Don't read too many that have dignity and balance. Get the girl, for God's sake.

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