The Knowing Gums

The Knowing Gums 

Fleeing to the swing, she slowly sways, head bowed, tears flowing. Gazing up, the gum trees soothe her, seeing and hearing her sadness.

Tears subsiding, she drinks the glow of gold glistening on lush, green leaves.

The sound of a car speeding away shatters her stillness, filling the air with her wails.

The gum leaves empathise, resonating with her grief.

Kim P. Sami

Kim P Sami, from Sydney, Australia, holds a Science degree in Mathematics but finds Social Work more fulfilling. Kim enjoys people and singing, as well as writing poetry and journaling. She just discovered flash fiction and she’s eager to write more. Ariel Chart is her first published credit.

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  1. Welcome to the publishing club!

  2. Well done. At first i thought this was a thinly-veiled sex poem but now i see a deeper meaning.

  3. naturally you would think this. this publication has standards. the fact that you could even be allowed to comment is a mark against it. Grow up, turdman.