This Burden I Bear

This Burden I Bear

A dream before my eyes, flaunted.

It was only her hand I wanted.

A fantasy beyond my reach, taunted.

My candor shared and I was selfish.

She was only meant to be cherished,

But the truth I revealed was careless.

I wanted her desire, not coerced.

I left her in a world for the worst.

With this knowledge I know I am cursed.

Sorrow in a time of Covid.

Driven alone, I know what I did.

Left alone in a future bereft.

It was a truth I wanted known.

This harm, upon her I have sown.

This burden I know I bear alone.

Michel Weatherall

Author, Poet, Publisher, Printer, Imagination-weaver.

A native of Ottawa, Michel Weatherall grew up as an army-brat living in Europe and Germany and has since travelled extensively.

Having over 30 years experience in the print/publishing industry, the transition to self-publishing was a natural step with his publication company, Broken Keys Publishing. He has published 6 novels and 2 collections of poetry.

Other work (the poems “Sun & Moon” and “Eleven's Silent Promise” and the sci-fi short story “Rupture”) have appeared in Ariel Chart's online journey as well as a theological essay (“The Voice of Sophia”) in American theologian Thomas Jay Oord's "The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence" (2015)

Weatherall's current books in print are,

The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition


The Refuse Chronicles

Ngaro's Sojourney

A Dark Corner of My Soul (poetry)

Sun & Moon (poetry)

Future titles currently being worked on include

Invasion: Scion (sequel to Ngaro's Sojourney)

Symphonies of Horror: Inspirational Tales of H.P, Lovecraft: The Symbiot Appendum

Thin Places: An Anthology

Honours and Awards include

Winner of the 2020 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author

Winner of the 2020 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Publisher (Broken Keys Publishing)

2020-21 Parliamentary Poet Laureate Standing Nominee

2019 Pushcart Prize Standing Nominee (Poetry)

2019 FEBE Awards Nominee for Creative Arts

2019 CPACT Awards Nominee for Entertainment Excellence (Arts)

2019 CPCAT Awards Nominee for Small Business Excellence (Broken Keys Publishing)

2018-19 Faces if Ottawa Awards Finalist for Favourite Author

He currently lives with his wife and two children in Ottawa.


  1. Not sure if we need a global virus to expose a good old fashioned secret lust poem. Who needs an excuse?

  2. Not trying to start a fight but that last commentator was a dick. I prefer mystery to my reading and not blabbing by jerks. Guess I started a fight.

    1. while we appreciate your commentary and visitation calling others names is not helpful to the great discussion of literature.

  3. I call them as i read them. If you see penis' that's your problem. Knucklehead.

    1. Sir, appreciate your visitation and commentary but enough with the name calling. Write a poem about the event if you feel that strong.

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