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The Artist as Positive Menace

There’s nothing better than knocking down a fence sitter hiding out in the face of disaster. I’m

always disgusted by artists who believe the status quo is where they belong. Go work in the post

office if you cannot take a chance on standing up for something worthy of time and talent. Your

job is to prod, prick and provoke the comfortable masses who shut off their moral compasses 

five seconds after clocking in for work.

You cannot have it both ways. Nor will your poodle life produce piranha prose. If there is a fire 

in your belly, there is an outrage that needs your attention. Raise your voice high. Piss from a 

roof onto the punks of privilege. Yellow rain should cover their cowardly faces. It is only 

through the unconventional can you see the purpose of ethical art meant to help improve a 

cynical society.

Follow your heart, but don’t be a follower. Lead with your gut but don’t lead a lynch mob.        

We are living in days where the touch of a stranger can bring death. It is in these moments 

when communication makes the most difference to a person suffering from depression. A 

marker. A poster board. A message of hope from an artist is our job description. Be a bright 

blessing a land of bland curses. For tomorrow is not as important as what you do right now. 

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of numerous titles including Question the Quiet: Selected Writings. His most recent work can be found at The Abyss, The Dope Fiend and Indian Periodical. https://www.markantonyrossi.com


  1. Brilliant! Your style of writing is singular. Terse, impactful and to the point.

  2. Solid jab to the literary jaw. Your column is going to bring much needed light to a darkened world.

  3. Looking forward to more entries. This column like this journal holds much promise.

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