A Journey


A Journey

I dream of many many journeys

Time and time again

Belly-flopping impetuously into the abyss

Meeting worms and darkness

And people I have known

But have also forgotten

People who had nowhere else to go but where

Light and imagination refuse to journey

“where are you going?”

a frozen voice from my past, or perhaps my future

asks, from the dense immeasurable black fog

bug-eyed, I stare, wrinkling my features,

trying to focus on a faceless husk

confronting my decision to go on this pilgrimage

to the core of my being

where invisible armies clash in darkness

to wander between two worlds

knowing one, fearing the other

“where I am going, I know not,

but won’t it be an exciting adventure.”


Michael Adubato

Michael Adubato was born and raised in New Jersey but moved across the ocean and settled in Belgium, mainly because the beer and soccer are better.  When he’s not at a stadium watching a game, he’s thinking about where to go for the next game.  He also writes about those games when the poems aren’t flowing.  His greatest achievement was convincing a beautiful Slovakian woman to marry him. 


  1. Stephanie SteversMay 13, 2020 at 6:54 PM

    pleasant, poetic and meaningful. right now we need more meaning than ever before. I dreamt of better days with this poem.

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