Bent Leaf Spring

Bent Leaf Spring

Leaf, bent and broken, snatched by the wind
and detached from the tree,
join in with me, this other wanderer,
this vagabond, this lost traveler.
We will wend our way through the wilderness,
seeking the mythic stone castle
sitting high on a hill.
There will we become vigilantes,
seeking sanctuary from the pain that hunts us.
We will seize the higher ground
and look down upon all who pursue us.
While howling thunder rolls, we will hurl lightning bolts
to slaughter these predators, searing the land clear.
Then will we stand high on the parapets,
gazing all around at the purified panorama.
The pain will be gone,
having fled the onslaught we loosed upon it.
Only new grass and budding flowers will remain.

Cynthia Pitman

Cynthia Pitman, a retired English teacher, has been published in Ariel Chart, Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine, Pain and Renewal Anthology, Third Wednesday (One Sentence Poem Contest finalist), Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Arts (Pushcart Prize nominee, 2019), Amethyst Review, Ekphrastic Review, Adelaide Literary Review, Right Hand Pointing, Dual Coast Magazine, and others. Her poetry collection, The White Room, is forthcoming.


  1. a lovely lyrical work of wisdom.

  2. Lawrence StomeireMay 7, 2020 at 11:01 PM

    From the delicate title to the lush lyrical walkabout, this poem has it all.

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