Walking Into Loneliness

Walking Into Loneliness

Who we used to be

we’ll never be again.

All those first times

I was scared then.


looking at the last times.

I’m scared again.

It would be nice

a little silly


but nice

if there’s someone


to hold my hand

when my going

is close.

Talk the cheap talk

the easy things

the lies

about beauty


and missing you.

Maybe a middle aged


nice hair

a little salt

good teeth

and a smile

No church breath.

Just someone

who knows

how to walk you

out into the field

tall grass


and red winged

black birds.

Tells you it’s time

to let it go.

Tells you

you’re safe.



And make you

believe it.

Bill Gainer

Bill Gainer is a storyteller, humorist, poet, and a maker of mysterious things. He earned his BA from St. Mary’s College and his MPA from the University of San Francisco. He is the publisher of the PEN Award winning R. L. Crow Publications and is the ongoing host of Red Alice’s Poetry Emporium (Grass Valley, CA). Gainer is internationally published in such journals and Magazines as: Poems for All, The Huffington Post, Sacramento News and Review, The Tule Review, Lummox Press, River Dog Zine #1, Oregonian Newspaper, Chiron Review, Sacramento Bee, Cultural Weekly, and numerous others. His latest book is: “The Mysterious Book of Old Man Poems.” Gainer is known across the country for giving fun filled performances. Visit him in his books, at his personal appearances, or at his website: billgainer.com.


  1. Moving and Meaningful. Eve.

  2. Mystery does not have to be obscure or dark to be interesting or beautiful.

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