I’ve no use for

a stainless steel
lightweight, corrosive

resistant contraption
that encumbers
my wrist

and can’t tell me anything
useful anyway---

like when my kids might grow up

my heart will stop beating

or the last polar bear
will step off the last piece

of melting sea ice
and silently disappear

Gil Hoy

Gil Hoy's poems have appeared, or will be appearing, most recently in Tipton Poetry Journal, Chiron Review, The New Verse News, Right Hand Pointing, MisfitMagazine, Mobius: Journal of Social Change, One Sentence Poems, Ariel Chart and elsewhere.


  1. We are slaves to time but no reason to be servants of timepieces. Light-hearted yet with impact.

  2. Fine job on giving a concept of depth a new coat of paint.

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