an ordinary tragedy

an ordinary tragedy

three old ladies

sit together & watch

as their husbands

fall apart.

in a lunch room

three old men sit in

wheelchairs slowly

drifting toward

oblivion, each with

a different path,

each at a different


the old ladies watch

their men fade with

tired resignation.

they have their own paths

as well.

they chatter a bit,

a sort of normalcy

settles, until a patient

throws a tray to

the floor as another

yells fuck repeatedly

until yet another patient

yells at him to just

shut the fuck up.

the old ladies take

note. there’s no

reason to be startled.

it’s an ordinary tragedy.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,

Dementia, Tourette’s.

all the demons are here.

my father’s watches

quietly, Bill falls asleep,

another man wanders off

in his wheelchair, &

the old ladies watch their men,

tending to their needs,

& trying to remain

stoic as their worlds

fall apart.

Jack Henry

Jack Henry is a writer based in Southeastern California.  Previous credits have included:  Red Fez, Smoking Typewriter, Piker Press, Razur Cuts, Dissident Voice, Fearless, Raven Cage, Rusty Truck, among others.  Further, Jack has a few books and chaps floating around, including "With the Patience of Monuments" from NeoPoesis Press and "Crunked" from Epic Rites.  In late 2020 his next book, "Driving With Crazy" will be released by Punk Hostage Press.  Oh, and he edits/publishes Heroin Love Songs and


  1. The aged tackle a myriad of issues to navigate life and make it worth living. Covid has given us a peek into how fragile life can be. And how much we lose our older loved ones piece by piece since the calendar doesn't look back.

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