In the middle of the night, awake, I decide to write

“my metaphors are touching down like aeroplanes”

on the whiteboard hung from the bathroom door.

Having done what I came to do I crawl back.

My metaphors, hmm, yes, an aeroplane,

the keenly executed turning before takeoff,

the endless recapitulation

of protocols taken…

and yet that pregnant second

just before the wheels re-take the tarmac--

pause… wait… weightless...

feet float half a hair above the floor.

That’s it. My metaphor has landed.

Ian McFarland

Ian McFarland is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University living in Grand Rapids Michigan. Currently, Ian works as a long-term substitute teacher during the school year and as a lumberjack during the summer months. He owes his inspiration to his cousin Jason, his father Bill and his fiancé Kelsey. His first published work is scheduled to appear on the online journal failbetter later this month.


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