every time i try

to call my father

at the 'home'

the phone rings &


no response from

the nurse’s station –

my mind drifts

& i wonder if

COVID9 has taken over,

like a zombie movie,


infected –

maybe my father

is a zombie –

he'd like that.

he could express his

rage & fuck people

up -


Jack Henry

Jack Henry is a writer based in Southeastern California.  Previous credits have included:  Red Fez, Smoking Typewriter, Piker Press, Razur Cuts, Dissident Voice, Fearless, Raven Cage, Rusty Truck, among others.  Further, Jack has a few books and chaps floating around, including "With the Patience of Monuments" from NeoPoesis Press and "Crunked" from Epic Rites.  In late 2020 his next book, "Driving With Crazy" will be released by Punk Hostage Press.  Oh, and he edits/publishes Heroin Love Songs and 1870...jackhenry.wordpress.com


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