a special kind of cruelty

a special kind of cruelty

the convalescent hospital,

where my father

whittles away time

as he awaits a preordained end,

started a new visitor policy.

just like prison.

internees on one side of the glass,

friends & family & hospice workers

on the other side of the glass.

my brother in law sent

a picture.  mom &

sister on one side,

my father on the other,

talking on cell phones.

seems like a special kind of cruelty.

i haven’t talked to my father

in a few weeks now, maybe it’s

been a month. not sure why.

there are shadows and memories

that hold me in place.

                                i have a plant in my garage,

                                set before a window.

                                diffused light allows

                               new growth.

                               direct sunlight almost killed it.


Jack Henry

Jack Henry is a writer based in Southeastern California.  Previous credits have included:  Red Fez, Smoking Typewriter, Piker Press, Razur Cuts, Dissident Voice, Fearless, Raven Cage, Rusty Truck, among others.  Further, Jack has a few books and chaps floating around, including "With the Patience of Monuments" from NeoPoesis Press and "Crunked" from Epic Rites.  In late 2020 his next book, "Driving With Crazy" will be released by Punk Hostage Press.  Oh, and he edits/publishes Heroin Love Songs and 1870...jackhenry.wordpress.com


  1. Talented writers usually are brave witnesses to the tougher aspects of life.

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