Leaving Methana

Leaving Methana

the rush of waves brings comfort.

i don’t know if this is a good thing.

having less stones for salt to gather upon like coral reefs,

i disintegrate - my heart resists

accumulates grains

i am an encrusted stone rolled to the side by torrent blessings

sharp as Indian chutney cleared by quick inhalations

remembering each step we hiked together

you complaining of heat, and stinging insects,

not enough hot water, the women too fat

we travelled in tandem - an odd pairing of sweet and salt

you - anchored to land

me - swimming too long underwater

it was my arcing back you rode through labyrinths of conflict

the wars we couldn’t scrape clean

i must motor forward against the need to heave down

plow through this wake of sunrise

careen between spectators and combatants

a celebrant of ocean to be had

if willing to slice depths

through enlightenments of local cheese and plum jam

it isn’t

that loneliness is unbearable

it is

that loneliness is the knife i was given.


Suzanne S. Rancourt

Suzanne S. Rancourt, Abenaki/Huron descent, has authored two books: Billboard in the Clouds, Curbstone Press / NU Press 2nd print, received the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas First Book Award. murmurs at the gate, Unsolicited Press, released May 2019. Ms. Rancourt holds degrees in expressive arts therapy, creative writing, and psychology.  She is a USMC and Army Veteran. Her works are published /forthcoming in Chachalaca Review, Straw Dog Writers Pandemic Poetry Project, The Ilanot Review, Cathexis, Pif Magazine, Other Worldly Women Press Anthology, Mizmor Anthology, Rat’s Ass Review, Lucky Jefferson, The Wrath-Bearing Tree, Free State Review, Event Magazine, Pangyrus, BigCityLit, Callaloo, Cimarron Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Ginosko, Tupelo Press Native Voice Anthology, New Reader Magazine. For more info: www.expressive-arts.com

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