Life After David

Life After David

The women gathered in the kitchen bursting to talk about Amanda’s new man.

“He’s no, David,’’ her mum snarled, busying herself in the opposite corner of the room. The women agreed for the sake of the still grieving woman, nodding into their mugs of tea, exchanging furtive glances in-between their slow considering sips.

Through the uncomfortable silence came back memories of David for each of them. They recalled Amanda’s deep suspicions and David’s obvious distance before the accident.

The women left later, happy for their friend.

Her mum tidied and turned in and lay down and wept. In the darkness of her bedroom, she clung onto the memory of her son-in-law. Reminiscing his kind words, warm touch and how wonderful he made her feel every single day.

Raymond Sloan

Raymond Sloan lives in Ireland with his wife and daughter. He has been writing for the past three years and has been published in Microfiction Monday Magazine, 101 Fiction, 101 Words, 50-Word Stories, Flash Fiction Magazine and will be in the next issue of Blink Ink and hopefully, Ariel Chart.


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