Where's National Reconciliation

The above image is one of many photographs from South Africa during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which began in 1995. It is my belief that America can replicate     the commission and its results. Right now would be a good time.

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Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and host of the literary podcast "Strength To Be Human" Strength To Be Human -- Podcast


  1. Wholeheartedly agreed. We need to talk. Only way out of this mess caused by not talking in the first place. I commend your ethics.

  2. Best plan I heard in years. Thanks for your candor and for defending Jews as much as other minorities. For this you are truly blessed.

  3. Replicate the results? Where white people are being murdered with the support and approval of the government? WTF?
    Of a complete and total communist takeover of the government?
    Decades of ongoing fighting and strife?
    Why would anyone in their right mind what to copy THAT?

    1. thank you for responding. the part about reconciliation is necessary to move forward. the part about corrupt of some government officials is not what the article is about and certainly not what anyone seeks to replicate. this overreaction on your part smacks of the usual extreme throw hands in air and do nothing but hate. Nothing will move without people talking. And what future can there be for anyone if we site a few examples of idiocy and apply it to the whole. That sir, is the basic definition of prejudice. People with that sort of thinking should sit on the sidelines and let the adults work it out.


  4. A possible solution that hasn't been tried here yet. Why not explore the option instead of half measures and horse crap?

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