Lovers on the Road

Lovers on the Road:

We were lovers on the road
With our each kiss we color the horizon
The fireflies beneath the green hills know our secret wishes
The fountain recites the song of the return of a virgin
The moon hung low often, very close to you
To me, and I whisper fragments of poem torn from my own life, black and white, sepia then then colored.
We were lovers on the road
Homeless, running from one place to another
We loved our nothingness our everything and poverty
We laughed at the middle of fire burning in a winter night
We danced drunk on raw alcohol at the edge of the sea and then run to the midnight ocean
Naked, as if searching our ever lost home
We cried in silence but the waves came and washed them away
We rise again in the phosphorescence of life.

We were lovers on the road
After the sun set when the moon comes we were primitive
We sleep in the cheapest of rooms with laughter in heart
Our love was then like sacred and dangerous
Burning all in its way
Even us
Before between your legs
I found a different universe.

Subhadip Majumdar

Subhadip Majumdar is a writer and poet from India. He is certified in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. He was also a long-time editor for a reputed Bengali poetry journal. Subhadip has also written a short novel as a Tumbleweed writer in Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France. Two poetry books have been published and one novel is in the process of publication.
Published Books includes :
1.The Resurrection of Sunflower: Anthology on Van Gogh published from New York
2.The Paris Walk: 14 Stories from Europe
3. The Shapeless Dance of Lovers: Twenty One Poems from a Bohemian Heart
4. The East of My Youth: Five Novellas from the Road
5. Beneath the Rainbow: Selected Short Stories published from New York (story compiled in a collection of best short stories)
All his books are available in ebook/kindle as well as paperback in


  1. Lovely moments, dear writer. May we all have such times.

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