The Windswept Remembrance of Youth

The Windswept Remembrance of Youth

The windswept remembrance of youth
Came back like a splash
As I walk through rain, the July rain
Of Calcutta like a character out from a novel
I walk with the air of a free man
Yet I pause at places
The raindrops they smell the same they never become old
The tea shops the pouring of tea from the kettle on the mud cups
The expressionless faces at the bus stop
The woman in saree with sweat glittering on her face like pearls
The fragrance of bookstalls at the Gariahat
The shout the twenty steps and then ten more before I reach Ekdalia
And then the old lift to the house of Sunilda
Everything remained the same
But not me
The rain-soaked wind came and whispered the truth
With a dance of flirting laughter
You have in you the evenings of Grand Place of Brussels
You have in you the touch of Vermeer and Van Gogh
You have in you the eyes for Rembrandt
You have in you the nights of opera at Vienna
You have in you the mesmeric unforgettable beauty of Prague
You have with you now the woman of Frankfurt crossing a snow frozen road
You have with you now the bright warm sun washing the Colosseum in Rome
You have in you now the footsteps of Michael Angelo
You have in you the song of the Gondola boat man written in your notebook for pages
You have in you..all over every breath of you...Paris
Do you remember the old dark dusted winds of Calcutta anymore?
And someone else?
A silhouette..erased in time through the calendar of days and nights and of full moon and nights of storm
I stand and smile
My eyes again stuck on a woman crossing the tramlines at Gariahat
Is it her? Is it you?
My woman?
A woman created like a Ulysses by the old charming scented poetic Calcutta winds that created me created her
And our first love
Our youth!
I walk and stand again in the middle of the tram lines.

Subhadip Majumdar

Subhadip Majumdar is a writer and poet from India. He is certified in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. He was also a long-time editor for a reputed Bengali poetry journal. Subhadip has also written a short novel as a Tumbleweed writer in Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France. Two poetry books have been published and one novel is in the process of publication.
Published Books includes :
1.The Resurrection of Sunflower: Anthology on Van Gogh published from New York
2.The Paris Walk: 14 Stories from Europe
3. The Shapeless Dance of Lovers: Twenty One Poems from a Bohemian Heart
4. The East of My Youth: Five Novellas from the Road
5. Beneath the Rainbow: Selected Short Stories published from New York (story compiled in a collection of best short stories)
All his books are available in ebook/kindle as well as paperback in


  1. An old fashioned tone and language for the longing of yesterday. Well executed.

  2. Replies
    1. Thenks a lot Linda. Feel so happy to know you like my poem!

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