Big Fish

Big Fish


Plans are being made

     for the annual fishing trip.

That special time of year

     to let go of the rat race’s grip.

During the ride to the cabin

     the guys are extremely glad.

They are anxious to get started

     on all the fun that will be had.

The weekend isn’t complicated.

     It’s a very simple plan.

Go out on the lake,

     catch as many fish as you can.

Days are spent on the water

     without a hint of fear.

Nights are spent playing cards

     and drinking lots of beer.

To these guys

     it’s a great place to get away.

Nothing could be better.

     The perfect way to spend their day.

When it’s time to leave

     the stories start to fly.

They’ve seen each other’s catches

     so it’s awfully hard to lie.

Once they get back home,

     each one caught the biggest fish.

It’s described like Moby Dick

     or at least that’s what they wish.

There is no proof of their story.

     Nothing they can display.

The biggest fish that was caught

     is the one that got away.

Nelson R. Locher

Nelson R. Locher started writing poetry at a young age, but it was a private hobby. He kept his work to himself for many years and never thought of going public until he joined the Hamburg Writers’ Group. Since then, over seventy of his poems have been published in The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, The Daily Drunk and elsewhere.


  1. Thanks, editor to allowing more playful verse. Don't have to be serious all the time.

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