Hung on the Moon Louise

Hung on the Moon Louise

Hung on the moon
like a big balloon
...that black silver cloud
for crying out loud
which hugs my tears
and scours my eyes
and feeds my soul
with its empty hole
with a six pack of beers
and a stale bag of fries.

And that's why I'm tired
of your rock and roll
and your country tunes

...and your mindless lies...

Sam Silva

Sam Silva has early chapbooks published during the nineties catalogued in distinguished universities including Brown and Yale. He has been nominated a total of seven times by Third Lung Press and Trout Creek Press. In recent years his online magazine publications include Silver Pinion, Empty Mirror, The Recusant, Big Bridge, and Mad Swirl.


  1. such a jumble of emotions in one small set...really entralling.

  2. A beautiful combination of understated craftsmanship (adapted sonnet) and visceral emotional impact... loved it!

  3. I'm really floored by the comments. I appreciate them alot

  4. quite a solid work of art and muse. this place is a magnet for great writing.

  5. i loved this poem and glad to see made the top reads this month. such an accomplishment.

  6. when i was younger i published in quite a few litmags but i do appreciate all the attention and love this magazine

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