Sonnet CCXXX


Relinquished his sympostarchal wine
Ten Seconds concaved surface of her land
Contemplated but suppressed grand
South King Street smells of pine
Frequentative act erroneously swine
Pleasures derived from literature at hand
Drank in jucoserios silence contraband
Personal supervision pantomime sign
She crawled all the way to the Top-Stop
Hawkins Street to get a pint of beer
No I.D. so she got a lollipop
Professional respective of fear
Weak wasting hand her lollipop will drop
Spiritual conditional she cried oh dear

Terry Brinkman

Terry has been painting for over forty five years. He started creating Poems. Five Amazon E- Books. Poems in Rue Scribe, Tiny Seed, Jute Milieu Lit and Utah Life Magazine.  Snapdragon Journal, Poets Choice, Adelaide Magazine, Variant, Tide and UN/Tethered Anthology, the Writing Disorder, Winamop, Ink Pantry and In Parentheses.


  1. One of the major merits of this publication is how they allow formal and informal to exist side by side without any airs or pretensions. Makes it easier to appreciate a sonnet and still read about the big fish.

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