A Climate Change


A Climate Change    


a distant boyfriend’s apology


Don’t cry shop girl,

now all the stores are closed.

no one wanted this for themselves,

their families, their friends—

their homes, their businesses, their schools.

Nature likes the break.

Big oil is winding down,

but not huge pharma.


Don’t cry shop girl,

no parties, concerts, art shows,

no fashion, no birthdays, or funerals.

Hospital encampments, wary trips,

no restaurants, only park exercise.

No hair, nails, skin, gym.

Remote banking and groceries, 

split screen tv, no up-to-date shows.


Who knows shop girl—

when this all will end?

Don’t cry because we can’t hug friends

or make love anymore.

Hold on to your cat, your dog.

Our masks hide more than smiles.

No one wants to show tears, just anger,

as civilization crumbles underfoot.


Susan Beverly

Susan has published extensively and has writing credits in the following publications Smile Hon',You're in Baltimore, Digges' Choice, The Sunpaper, Wordhouse, Throb, Event Hoizon, Carroll County Times, Baltimore's Child, Omega, Ashes & Sparks, Postcards from the Beach, Out of the Mouths of Men, Delmarva Review, Hawaii Review and Ariel Chart.


  1. i once left a country doomed to repeat its mistakes by a government that was supposed to rescue people instead tried to enslave them again. america is not that place but its freedoms are truly in jeopardy by people who instead of allowing individuals to think for themselves -- wants to think for them. this is the first step towards socialism. i pray you dont make the same mistake -- as we did. rhodesia / zimbabwe

  2. forgive me but i like the foreboding, the sense of walls closing in, i mean its art so i don't expect reality, but betcha the boston crowd digs it

  3. the double meaning of the tile is clever and so i give the piece more room that the previous two commentators. it's well written and timely if not slightly exaggerated.

  4. a breakup weaved into a troubled society is a complicated mess yet you managed it quite well, nice touch.

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