The Pond


The Pond


The rusty windmill chirps above the pond of my past,

its reflection like an old tin type photograph.

a memory falls from the sky

shattering it into a rippling mosaic

stretching slowly to the silent banks.


I stand at the edge watching the wakes soften

into a calm mirror.


Out here by the pond

the sky is true blue

full of nude angels posing on top

of clouds

like Modigliani’s models.


Resting in the windmill’s shadow

is a quilt of flesh I have sewn together

one memory at a time;


It waits patiently for me to finish.



Hunter Winfrey



Hunter Winfrey is 32 years old and currently lives in Fredericksburg, TX.  He received his Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2011, his Masters in behavior analysis in 2016.  He specializes in behavioral treatment for those with autism and other developmental disorders.  Hunter started writing, drawing, and painting when he was in elementary school and has been ever since. In 2007 he had his first and only poem accepted for publication by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey: American High School Poets.  He self-published a book of short stories through Author House in 2008.  He hasn’t submitted any of his poetry or other writings to publishers in over ten years.  He is a father and spends his free time making art with his 5-year-old daughter, Louisiana.  He enjoys sitting on the front porch with a good book, and going hunting in the fall and winter months.  Credit is due to his family for supporting him as a writer along with the following writers whose work has inspired him over the years: Jim Harrison, Billy Collins, Lucile Clifton, Anne Sexton


  1. there is another world in one's own backyard and its exploration is just as important as crossing an ocean. Nicely done.

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