Lost Change


Lost Change


I tacked stars to my bedroom ceiling.

At night they glow in private utopia,

unaffected by the outside world.


By day, I live on a diet of tarot cards and crystals.

Each room smells of chemical diffuser,

vanilla and cream camouflaging any bitterness.


By night I am reminded of dystopia.

The outside world is full of nameless individuals.

Leaders promise we will sympathise with them,

their families, their plight,

if only we could summon the strength to stop



These days are all similarly different.

Wild, yet restful, demanding but unassuming.

Hidden and remote.


I stare at stars on my bedroom ceiling.

They forfeit their place and scatter,

like lost change, in a new world.


Linda Sacco


Linda Sacco is a teacher and writer living in Melbourne, Australia.

Her qualifications include Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing) from Victoria University and Master of Teaching (Primary) from The University of Melbourne.

Her poetry has been published in Ariel Chart, Bluepepper, Poetry Quarterly, Dual Coast Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Inwood Indiana, 50 Haikus, Haiku Journal, Tanka Journal, Track + Signal Magazine and Dead Snakes. Her poetry collection, Waves, is forthcoming.

She is the author of the Which Is Your Perfect Pet? ebook series with titles on Dog Breeds, Designer Dogs, Cat Breeds and Birds.


  1. the mystical mirage of voice and vision is most appealing in this work.

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