as I grow older


as i grow older


            emaciated on the curb

            of youth and incertitude,

churned by the rain into unholy fragments,

            a curdled assemblage of growing pains

            and the inescapable dark

of passing time.

            i taste the rich chocolate of tomorrow

            on the hard cement –

it coats my tongue for a blissful moment

before turning to heavy wax that hardens in my throat –

                        a voice lost to the passing of time.




Samantha Paige Maskell



Samantha Paige Maskell is a student of several years and a poet of many more. Their work fiercely examines their experiences with sexuality and mental illness, considering the details of sapphism and depression with words of gentle discomfort and warm repose. They published their first collection, laden with rust, in 2017 with Createspace Independent Publishing. They are forever grateful to their mother, their father, the friends that shaped them and the lovers that broke them so they could put themselves back together through words.



  1. speaking as someone is truly is old there is also a measure of peace and grace that comes with age. it's not all downhill.

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